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It’s no secret that the capacity of the mortgage market is under considerable strain at the moment.

Amateur hour

Can we say that a landlord with three mortgaged properties is any less ‘professional’ than someone with four?

For what it’s worth, my view is that government support and intervention is likely to be needed beyond the current timeframes.

Amy Nettleton - Aster Group

While demand for shared ownership is rapidly increasing, there are still very few mortgage options available to prospective buyers.

As a finance and development specialist, I have seen first-hand the issues that developers face during the planning, approval and development stages.

Jonathan Frankel - Cavendish

The recent investigation by the CMA into the mis-selling of leasehold ground rents has highlighted the need for greater clarity.

Stamp Duty

In response to Covid-19, the UK Government have introduced many incentives to support personal and business finance, keep people in work, and keep the economy going.

Paul Brett landbay

Demand for flexible accommodation is on the rise in the UK and with HMOs no longer seen as simply a residence for students, they can be a sound investment, delivering higher yields.

COVID-19 related issues facing the mortgage market have really highlighted the benefits attached to integrating the right tech solutions.

It’s been a turbulent few months for the housing market, with both demand and prices fluctuating as a result of the UK-wide lockdown.