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Affordability still remains an issue and with a new government in place, housing must be a priority this year.

With the Brexit deal soon to be done, the exchange rate should start to improve.

He is going to have to show that his government is the one that is finally going to do something about this.

When affordability is a consideration for your clients, an affordability research platform can save you time and potentially change your recommendation.

Protection and general insurance are areas which sit closest to the mortgage process, but these remain areas which are being undersold or simply overlooked by all too many mortgage advisers.

Time is of the essence

The consumer has become used to getting what they require with as much ease as possible.

I think it should be the New Year’s resolution of every mortgage adviser to take criteria search seriously.

The start of a new decade

While there have certainly been challenges over the past few years, the intermediary community and market has appeared to grow stronger and stronger.

Fiddling while Rome burns

Market investors are drawn to the better yields of HMOs.

If they are clear on what to expect, they are more likely to be satisfied and stay in the property for longer.