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Are the days of ‘hidden surprises’ truly behind us? For the sake and credibility of our industry, I sincerely hope so!

We need the full support of lenders and in some instances they need to develop their technology to keep pace.

More borrowers could benefit from a lender that is able to take an individual approach to their circumstances.

It is doubtful that we will see deregulation.

A brief case of clarity

The scheme was originally due to end in 2021 but will now continue until 2023, but only for first-time buyers and with new lower limits.

The speed of change within the mortgage market is only likely to accelerate.

Are you a Norman or a Saxon?

Is Doomsday coming? Maybe not, but I’m sure there will be some significant challenges for some in 2019.

Indebtedness has fuelled the need for bad credit loans.

Proper management of these loans and the processes for recouping losses in the sector now requires levels of expertise previously not required.

Incorporating relevant and up-to-date product transfer and remortgage strategies are vital.