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A labour intensive activity for consumers, brokers and lenders alike, challenges around verification were amplified during lockdown.

Of the many and varied consequences for the property industry which the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about, one of the most positive and fascinating is the sharp refocusing on ‘healthy’ buildings.

Shared ownership is certainly one way and probably represents the best opportunity to get on the housing ladder if buyers are unable to afford a property on the open market.

Analysts have been making comparisons between the impact of COVID-19 and the Spanish flu epidemic that ended in 1920 and sparked a decade of economic and cultural change.

In the mortgage market we can often get carried away with talk of innovative new products but how much of this is actually innovation rather than evolution?

Here’s why it will hit low-income first-time-buyers the hardest.

Although we expect there will be a rise in enquiries about the new 95% loan-to-value mortgage offers, it remains essential for your clients to consider all their options.

We must continue to trust

Our history is replete with stories of excellent leadership. From Wellington to Churchill, our leaders have traditionally shown great virtues as well as deep flaws.

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Solve your customers’ problems better than the competition and you will solve your biggest challenges.

Capitalism’s own goal

The Prime Minister may well be jumping on a bandwagon in his highly visible interference in the European Super League debacle but, more generally, policymakers have already been playing an increasingly large role in business.