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We do believe though that more can be done to aid with the process as a whole.

Some women may feel cautious about joining the financial sector due to previous stereotypes and clichés. However, these are fast dissipating.

For new and existing home owners, it is difficult to centrally manage all the banking, maintenance, community building, and lifecycle experiences related to home ownership.

What if technology, as I firmly believe, allows us to go beyond processing and making digital more efficient versions of old processes?

We should always aim to be more understanding and educate the self-employed about what they can be doing to increase their chances of getting a mortgage next time.

REalyse is a real estate and analytics platform and their plans for 2019.

There is a minefield of unexpected consequences when helping children onto the property ladder.

How can the broker community educate people to give them confidence in the security of open banking?

Helping brokers to go it alone

Networks like Stonebridge can really prove their worth, because however long you have worked in the industry, it can be something of a culture shock to establish your own firm.

Word of mouth referrals can only take your business so far.