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The bridging market has had a really positive 2021 so far. Just like the rest of the housing market, the stamp duty holiday has played a part, but it would be wrong to think activity is going to drop off sharply now the first holiday deadline has passed.

martin stewart

We are all guilty of speaking a language we think the consumer wants to hear, when the reality is, it is all going in one ear and out the other.

Jeremy Duncombe Accord first-time buyers

We’ve had our hopes raised and dashed a number of times since March 2020, but with the success of the vaccine rollout and the latest easing of restrictions, I’m hopeful we’re on the right path to return to a new form of normal.

In Britain’s crowded housing market, ever more unpredictable weather has significant future implications for mortgage lenders.

Melanie Spencer MCI Club

Most of the mortgage brokers I meet really enjoy their job, but sometimes they ponder if they’re working in the right model.

The sheer effort needed to power the old, legacy systems which are still common, provide the lion’s share of the carbon footprint created by mortgage lenders.

Major reforms are needed which tackle the inefficiencies within the conveyancing process end-to-end.

As a company, we have to constantly look outside the box when it comes to our recruitment process and how we can get more residential surveyors certified and out into the industry.

It’s no secret there’s a significant housing shortage across the UK, and the only way of tackling that in any meaningful way is by ramping up the rate at which we produce new properties.

Rob Clifford Stonebridge

The government scheme is only due to last until the end of next year and what we don’t want is that dreaded ‘cliff edge’ to kick in when that happens.