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It’s imperative to use this quieter period to land key tech improvements.

The Brightstar Industry VLOG with guests Adrian Moloney, Steve Cox and David Whittaker. Hosted by Brightstar CEO Rob Jupp

Chancellor Sunak’s stamp duty holiday is a good thing, but there are other market challenges this does not address.

Click2Check David Jones Credit Assess

What starts off with seemingly good intentions can drop into the hands of a Dutch ‘hip hop’ duo and end up being voted Worst Video of 1986.

What role will technology have beyond the current lockdown?

We constantly asked ourselves during the pandemic was “How would I want to be treated?”

Jeff Woods - PMS

However, one thing that continually frustrates me is that whilst we have finally seen some improvements in sales of income protection cover, particularly the budget version, the same cannot be said for family income benefit.

Q&A between Adrian Moloney, group sales director at OneSavings Bank and Greg Cunnington, director of lending relationships and new homes, Alexander Hall

There may be a period where some of the elements of the lockdown months are genuinely missed.

Rob Clifford Stonebridge

It might be deeply unpopular but perhaps now is the time to cut the 3% surcharge that additional homeowners have to pay.