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it is not clear how temporary the dramatic economic contraction will be

It’s good to talk

Good communication cements strong client relationships and when it comes to payment holidays – as the old BT advert used to say – it’s good to talk. 

It’s rare that the Land Registry does anything which anyone outside the world of property law might want to read about, but today, May 4, is that day.

The crisis will end, and the market will return to an element of normal, however that looks.

I have faith that lenders’ decisions to reduce product ranges, or stop new lending, or pull back on LTV levels, or cancel offers, were sadly unavoidable.

With Q2 2020 now in full swing, the property market is now coming to terms with the full implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why is it these platforms only freeze when one of the participants (usually me) looks like Ed Miliband choking on a bacon sandwich?

Your questions answered

Answering the questions we didn’t have time for at our recent webinar.

Our five immediate top tips when making an application are…

So, what comes next?

I am not saying don’t discuss things but FFS stop self-promoting, it is nothing short of embarrassing and comes across as disingenuous.