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Our new working arrangements mean we have exported many work stresses into our homes

For many mortgage advisers, the past 12 months will have undoubtedly been some of the most challenging they’ve faced in their careers.

With changes to both Help to Buy and Shared Ownership due to come into force at the beginning of April 2021, it’s vital that intermediaries and their clients remain fully up to speed on how they will be affected by these impending changes.

Embedded finance is a hot topic in 2021, with many predicting this growing trend represents the future of financial services.

newcastle takeover

There’s an old joke about people who invest in football which runs along the lines of, how do you take £1m out of a football club? Put in £2m.

We’ve got a severe fetish for period property here in the UK, and there’s no hiding it.

This extension could cost the government around £1bn.

But February made me shiver…

Certainly, if Don McLean were writing ‘American Pie’ in February 2021 he would have got it right in terms of the weather – the last few, often snow-dominated weeks and the very low temperatures have summed up a period in our lives.

Outsider perspective

If I was an outsider looking into the equity release and the later life market, part of me might sometimes wonder what all the fuss is about.

I know someone who is a medium, well they were at the start of lockdown, so if they’re anything like me they are probably an XXL by now.