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Neal Jannels OMS

We are all working hard to adapt, evolve and innovate how and where we can.

I am confident we will see a surge in activity once lockdown measures are lifted and the virus outbreak has been effectively resolved.

The mortgage market will recover and brokers will look back favourably to those lenders who provided proactive support.

The Bank of England base rate might be at historic lows but this holiday idea does not come without issues further down the line.

Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the face.

sdl surveying desktop valuation

A watershed moment

‘Time waits for no-one’ and judging by the number of conversations we’ve been having, particularly with a wide range of lender representatives, this current crisis has brought that home perhaps more than at any other.

jeremy duncombe accord mortgages

With a new way of working forced upon us, many will be looking for guidance on how to continue growing our businesses when the world seems a very different place.

In uncertain times there is nothing more certain than the certainty of the unknown.

Lenders’ approach to ground rents could create a new class of mortgage prisoner.

Utilising the technology available to both communicate with clients and to ensure you are in the best place possible to take their case forward, is an absolute must.