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When the Monetary Policy Committee held interest rates in September no one was surprised.

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, it has been revealed that a concerning number of university accommodation blocks used the exact same cladding.

So, there’s a chance we might avoid the notorious cliff edge, then.

The opportunity looks enticing, but when considering purchasing a property outside of your homecountry, beware of the pitfalls which could cause concern in the future.

Property in Monaco is desirable, but the mortgage market can be challenging.

In danger of losing credibility

For what it’s worth, I would still like to see higher wage growth and stronger resilient economic growth before a rise in rates. Brexit remains a concern.

I don’t see enough collaboration between broker and lender, broker and regulator, regulator and client, each entity failing in turn to understand the position and motivation of the other.

Mary Dryden is business development director at 360Dotnet The exception of surprise birthday parties, we shouldn’t do something on behalf of or to an individual…

In 2018 the challenger banks will be one year older, potentially better capitalised and more fleeter-footed than the Big Six lenders to react to the ever-shifting political plates.

I read a good analogy in The Times that suggested that QE was a little like toothpaste in a tube – easy to squeeze out, awkward to put back, assuming that it will go. My thoughts exactly.