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Terms such as near prime, complex prime, credit repair and impaired credit – amongst others – have been created to reflect a modern lending environment and help differentiate between a variety of borrowing needs.

The Land Registry should be commended for working to bring the first digital mortgage deed to fruition

Matthew Long is senior business development manager at Newbury Building Society Affordable housing isn’t just for first-time buyers. Many of our customers will go through…

If you’ve ever dreamt of buying a penthouse flat in the city centre or a traditional thatched cottage in the countryside, getting a mortgage on these properties from the high street banks could be harder than you think.

Part-time workers rely on more diverse sources of income than their full-time counterparts.

The internet, what would we do without it?

The mortgage intermediary sector has boomed in recent years with increased regulation leading to a more complex advice process fuelling its growth. However, change is afoot..

To suggest that all those in later life are in the same boat would be clearly wrong.

Crisis, what crisis?

Localised issue can become a national or worldwide scandal quickly

Our obsession with BBR is not going away anytime soon.