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Budget blues

With Brexit looming and the Chancellor’s position looking precarious, I can’t see that we are in for a barnstorming performance.

Lenders will have to adequately price for the risk of possible increased reserves that would apply to their mortgages should these deteriorate.

I am constantly surprised that many businesses do not have set processes for gaining referrals from existing customers.

What will the Autumn Budget Statement have in store for buy-to-let landlords?

A is for Affordability

Bob Hunt is chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services In the lexicon of the mortgage market, and perhaps top of the heap in terms of…

Why awards matter

I have seen comments from other industry commentators bemoaning the amount of award events in the UK mortgage intermediary market and questioning their value.

Landlords should plan for the limitations that a 12-month contract might impose upon them.

Typically our clients want to truly make the properties their own by either refurbishing or securing construction finance in the Alps.

My thoughts on the Budget

Philip Hammond’s Budget on 22 November is an opportunity for the government to press the reset button on the relationship between the state and an increasingly significant private rental sector.

More interesting is what’s happening to house prices in the capital and why this remains a geographically discreet niche market.