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Wetherspoons has shut down all its social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) with immediate effect.

Even those who do sell up, it is more than likely another landlord will take on the property anyway.

Brokers should also be using seasonal shifts in the weather as a prime opportunity to check their clients are appropriately covered, should they be affected by flooding.

Borrowers with extended terms are far more likely to find themselves with borrowing which extends into retirement

In my previous blog, I’ve talked about the reasons why I wanted to run my own mortgage and protection business and the initial hurdles to be overcome when sinking the foundations.

Why always me?

Finally this week, plans for the regulation of estate agents have been proposed and these have been broadly welcomed by the sector and general public.

In a property-owning democracy – to which, despite the ups and downs of the past few decades, most people in the UK still aspire – anything which allows young people to achieve the dream of their own space has to be unreservedly welcomed.

It’s just not cricket

Ball tampering and the parallels between sport and business

Time is flying by

It will soon be Christmas, but by using your time wisely, you will be able to help your customers more by being better informed.

GDPR’s implementation is also likely to impact how intermediaries can generate new business.