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It’s useful to look back at how the market has changed, what it’s learned and how it can put those lessons into practice in the future.

Estimates show that 1.26 million people with adverse credit will be looking for a mortgage in the next year.

Brokers who aren’t yet embracing technology are missing a trick.

Banks hold the aces

Rather than product switching within their four walls, the high street will have the facilities to broker the clients mortgage themselves.

Smaller, specialist lenders are recognising this ever increasing opportunity in a growing niche.

It’s a way for advisers to build an additional client base.

Short-term lenders can fill the gap where mainstream lending is simply not available.

A guide to APIs

An API basically makes it easier to connect one programme or platform to another.

The importance of connectivity

A good tech solution will ensure that users can simply and conveniently source information to feed their business.

It’s easy to think illness can only happen to someone else – but in reality, it could strike anyone at any time.