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It has been a relatively slow start to fully integrating second mortgages into the solutions being provided by mortgage advisers around the UK, but like all significant change it will take time. Collaboration between specialist packagers and mortgage advisers is a fundamental requirement to make this happen.

Perhaps Mr Saunders needs to refer to more recent economic data and commentary before he suggests that we are headed back to strong economic growth.

Are they being served?

In 5-10 years from now, will the Ombudsman still be dismissing similar complaints on a T&C technicality, or will they instead be pausing to ask the client: “Did your adviser talk to you about downsizing protection?”

Owen Woodley (pictured) is managing director at Post Office Money Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, introduced the government’s housing…

According to the latest government figures released earlier this year, the French economy is on track for its best year of growth since 2011

Monetary policy is muddled

Monetary policy remains confused. Too many contradictory messages out there, too little clear thinking. This needs to be addressed.

At one end of the wages scale in professional sport you have premiership footballers making millions in a matter of minutes and at the other, athletes reliant on survival through sponsorship.

Welfare reform hasn’t featured too highly on intermediaries’ agenda for discussion with clients. But the sheer volume of recent changes mean that now is the ideal time.

Sarah Jackson, director at Equiniti Pancredit, explains how the cost of a loan can be driven up by the way lenders use credit checks and how automated declines management systems can help them stay on the right side of their customers.

French properties are selling quickly.