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In-house lender servicing offers total control when it comes to the allocation, or reallocation, of resources.

It has become commonplace to bash banks and lenders at every opportunity.

He was a very successful mortgage adviser, including for many well-known faces from the industry.

Bob Hunt Paradigm

What we can perhaps all agree to do is continue working together – we are all connected in this.

There‘s a new wave of renters. They’re not renting because they’re struggling to get a foot on the ladder – they’re renting through choice.

A bug in the system

From the here and now to the future, how we handle risk really matters yet our way of doing so is still largely unchanged.

Keep calm and carry on

Many people will be worried about their jobs, their incomes, and their ability to keep providing for their families in the months ahead – you can be the hub of the advice they receive, and can also act as the conduit between the individual and the lender.

Professional money launderers are a pretty ruthless bunch, and you can be sure they will look for any weakness in the defences and seek to exploit that for their own criminal ends.

Craig McKinlay Kensington Mortgages

We are living through unprecedented times and this year’s budget was certainly as a result not like others.

It’s all about working smarter, not necessarily harder. In many ways’ dogs are like technology.