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There is a war being waged in the UK. Not over land, oil or even ideology. This war is the one being conducted from the head offices of some of the UK’s largest lenders.

Both not great options and have good and bad points ultimately whichever government is selected will be heavily restricted in many ways and half of the things promised will be watered down.

From the heart

Coronary heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer, but advances in medicine mean that an increasing number of people are surviving conditions that previously were fatal.

Housing must remain a key focus for politicians.

There could be crucial differences between a product that’s been tailored by an adviser to meet their exact requirements and a cheaper product with less cover.

It is time that everyone stands together to do their bit, or else the issue of the aging broker may become an existential threat to the profession as we know it.

In 2013 two-thirds of brokers revealed they had a client who had been turned down for a mortgage after a payday loan.

There is political uncertainty across the UK and it is perhaps even more pronounced in Scotland.

Plans are well under way for a migration of City jobs. But what of the other consequences of Brexit?

Nothing can help you get that message across more quickly than the internet.