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The rate rise debate

The Bank is expected to serve up, at the very least, a rise up to 0.75%.

Things in life are seldom that simple and this turned out to be the case here too.

Open Banking has been broken since day one and Facebook isn’t helping.

Self build homes and conversions are ever more popular, but finding the finance for them is unlikely to become a regular part of what most brokers do, rather it is something a broker may be faced with once every few months at most.  

The positive claim statistics emanating from life companies and passed on to potential clients is bound to have had an effect on consumer confidence.

By taking this photo, does that data belong to me or to my two furry friends?

Tired of waiting?

small dog videos are always going to be more popular than mortgages.

children can now get larger mortgages and homes without paying stamp duty themselves, with their affordability supported by their parents.

IMLA’s recent white paper, ‘buy to let: under pressure’, highlighted concerns related to the UK’s buy-to-let sector.

Earlier this year I decided to do something that many people talk about doing but not many people actually do; I decided to jump the fence, leave the lender I worked for and become an intermediary.