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The fundamentals of what a mortgage adviser is needed for, and what they should be delivering, has not really changed at all.

The government really needs to get its act together and offer something that is coherent and reassuring for financial services. Before it is too late.

Basically, the regulations give people specific privacy rights in relation to electronic communications and there are specific rules on (amongst other things):

Open Banking can be used to help demonstrate the affordability of a self-employed person more effectively than the current process.

It is suggested that, by as soon as 2025-2030, a market economy could readily exist without banks of the traditional kind.

The Great Recruitment Crisis

The drop in the number of European workers threatens to compound the concerns around recruitment in what is already a tight labour market.

My view is that a marketing plan should use a variety of mediums.

Is Open Banking really safe?

A majority of consumers are reluctant to hand out personal and financial data. But, with the new system, this behaviour is expected to steadily change over time.

Mortgage brokers have a duty to ensure that their clients’ financial future is protected.

I’m very confident that the advantages to our market far outweigh any potential negatives.