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Simple Landlords Insurance provides 10 tips for landlords in winter

Advisers might well be advised to prepare their first-time buyer marketing material in order to capitalise in any increase in interest, and/or ability to borrow.

It’s embarrassing to even have to explain to these philistines how it is that almost 80% of UK brokers now choose to directly and justly remunerate themselves for their work and advice .

Rob Pailin is managing director at Assetz Capital As the alternative finance market has become saturated with different funding options, it can be difficult for…

Bridging in 2018

Mortgage delays were cited as the most popular reason for obtaining a bridging loan in Q3 this year, while average LTVs reached 49.6% during Q3 this year.

Why are customers and lenders taking ‘no’ for an answer?

There is no reason why the process, including the conveyancing and valuation, cannot be done in seven days in most cases.

Frankfurt and the City

The mood music in EC1 is that time is running out for Britain and the EU to agree a transitional deal.

This week I’ve had some time to think about life, the universe and everything and I’ll be honest, I’m concerned.

Housing policy needs to reflect all the of the different housing tenures, not simply homeownership.