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The rise of technology

When was the last time you peered into the window of an estate agents and spent time browsing the properties on offer?

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Supply and demand

Overall, there’s no doubting that greater levels of supply are going to be required year-on-year for a long time to come.

We have found there is a real need for protection-led conversations.

When asked about these general threats, not once have I ever thought one of the major threats was to consumers from their advisers.

A decade on from the banking crisis, we know consumers are still highly sceptical of banks’ motives.

Thanks to the UK’s new Open Banking initiative, the scale of IT problems within the financial services sector has become apparent.

Tackling the loyalty penalty

Owning your home should mean stability and freedom; but getting a mortgage brings anxiety, stress, and unequal treatment.

There are a number of significant new provisions which ought to make firms sit up and take notice.

The repayment of deposits is currently the biggest cause of tenancy disputes.

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More of the same, please…

Our view is that there could be a greater cause for positivity in our sector than some might imagine.