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The consensus is that having such a big name will raise the profile of the industry, drive costs down and stimulate innovation amongst providers.

Reportedly Javid has put pressure on the Chancellor to borrow £50bn to accelerate the Tory housebuilding programme.

Rates at 50% LTV stand at 1.85% with a £1,999 product fee and 2.25% with a £999 fee.

This would give an additional hand up, similar to the added fee imposed for second homeowners and buy-to-let landlords, but in the reverse.

The society is offering lifetime mortgage products priced between 3.8% and 4.8%, which are divided into four tiers based on loan-to-value.

In England and Wales as a whole prices rose by 1.7%, with the North West of England being the fastest rising region at 4.6%.

There are now 11 house-hunters for every residential property up for sale in the UK.

The lender is looking to cater for experienced landlords and it mostly expects to lend to those using limited companies, though it also lends to individuals.

Together ups lending by 15.8%

Its loan originations reached £125.4m, up from £108.3m in the three months to June 30.

There were 217,350 housing additions from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017, a 15% increase from the year before but 2.8% below levels in 2007/8.