Category: Bridging

Roma Finance has operated in the UK bridging finance market for over a decade.

He will work with brokers in the outer London area.

The association has yet to be issued with government guidance for the short-term lending community.

This partnership is with immediate effect.

Lightfoots Solicitors provides a full range of traditional legal services from its offices in Thame.

Offa provides finance to UK residents, expats and international investors based overseas.

Customers borrowing £1m or less are able to use the Nivo App, with verification taking 90 seconds to complete.

The 62% LTV loan was offered on a retained-interest basis for the first three months.

Marc Callaghan has spent 16 years in the mortgage industry.

Unregulated bridging loans accounted for 64% of all transactions in 2019, compared to 39% of regulated.