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Gary Bailey Hope Capital loans

85% of the loans were aimed at refinancing and capital-raising, indicating that businesses are looking to restructure their finances in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown.

Emma Cox shawbrook bank podcast

Shawbrook Bank has returned to some of its pre-pandemic criteria and reintroduced products that had been temporarily removed.

The loan, which was completed at a flat rate of 0.89%pm with no fees over 12 months, was secured on the luxury property near Albert Embankment.

vic jannels astl

OFFA is the first bridging lender in the UK to offer products that are designed in accordance with Islamic and ethical financing principles.

Berry, who initially joined the business in January 2020, has accepted the permanent, expanded role and a place on the executive team.

MFS has launched new rates for its bridging loans to support increasing demand for specialist finance.

vic jannels astl

41% of bridging lenders were concerned that continued extension of the enforcement moratorium would reduce their capacity to carry out new lending in the future.

The lender has seen a significant spike in demand since the COVID-19 lockdown was eased, with enquiries in June up 189% on the previous year.

Greenfield will now offer its bridging products to Richdale ARs.

vic jannels astl

Mint Bridging joins ASTL

Paul Wertheim, operations director at Mint Bridging, said: “We join the ASTL at an exciting time in Mint’s journey, as we look to further improve the way we do business in the forthcoming months.”