Category: Buy-to-let

InterBay Commercial lends buy-to-let and HMO mortgages up to 85% LTV and unregulated bridging loans up to 75% gross LTV.

This includes changes to the amount of evidence required from self-employed applicants.

This would be the first time this has fallen in five years.

It has cut rates across buy-to-let and 90% LTV residential products ranges.

The average void period is now 24 days while the average cost of rent is £898.

Across its fixed rate buy-to-let range the bank has cut rates by 0.2%.

And only a small number of customers check the accommodation has insurance before booking a stay.

Howard Levy said that the situation at the moment is accidentally creating mortgage prisoners.

Some 90% of the top areas with the highest annual rent as a proportion of house prices are in Scotland.

Members of club will be able to place applications directly with Principality Building Society after registering to Principality’s intermediary network.