Category: Buy-to-let

The criteria sourcing system recorded a lot of changes in what brokers were searching for, especially within the equity release category.

The chief executive of UK Finance, Stephen Jones, was speaking at the regulator’s annual mortgage dinner.

Combined, Precise Mortgages and OneSavings Bank make up 9.3% of the buy-to-let mortgage market.

Landbay has promised it will donate £10 for every mortgage completion to homelessness charity Cardinal Hume Centre.

This was blamed on the tenant fees ban.

CreditLadder’s customers will be able to book an appointment with Mojo Mortgages to see if they are eligible to apply for a mortgage.

Halifax was only one of two lenders who received an overall rating over 90%.

Barclays set to cut rates

The lender will cut rates across its residential range.

This was made up mostly from short-term lending.

The ASA has cleared complaints against flatfair about the protection it offers estate agents and landlords.