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Accord: Lenders must take common sense approach as pandemic reduces flexibility

MBE 2021: Round-up

A run down of the panels today at the MBE included the specialist finance qualification, regulation for commercial products, EPC ratings and green mortgages.

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Phil Richards from Keystone, said that in terms of green mortgages, he believes they have a place in the market, however they require innovation. 

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Paul Brett, managing director of intermediaries, at Landbay, said that government support could be needed to help landlords avoid significant bills.

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Shawbrook Bank has made more buy-to-let options available to customers with small HMO properties.


Vida has made a number of changes to its limited edition buy-to-let products including reducing the rates of three of the current products by up to 0.25%.

The rate cuts see limited company rates reduced by 0.50%, starting from 2.59% for a 2-year fixed at 75% loan-to-value (LTV) with a £1,995 product fee.

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Overall, the barometer shows slight falls in rental yields compared to the same quarter last year, however Fleet point out that in 2020 this covered the first full three-month period out of lockdown where yields spiked in certain parts of the country.

The research, which asked around 100 portfolio buy-to-let (BTL) landlords and brokers for their views on the BTL market, also found being able to re-let properties quickly was high up on landlords’ priority, with 37% saying it was a key concern.

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MFS pilots BTL mortgages

Paresh Raja, chief executive of MFS, said: “This is a hugely exciting moment for MFS. Building on our 15-year experience as a specialist lender, primarily in the bridging space, we’re now bringing the speed and flexibility that we’re so well known for into the BTL space.”

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LendInvest has introduced a new holiday let product catalogue, with rates starting at 3.59% for 65% loan-to-values (LTVs) for 2-year fixed products.