Category: Buy-to-let

The show will take place on Friday 3 April and Saturday 4 April in London.

CA Ventures has hired Tim Phillips as head of residential Europe.

The firm has received 100 five-star reviews and two four-star reviews.

The biggest monthly fall in cost was for 5-year fixes at 50% LTV.

The products are available to UK residents and expats.

John-Paul Wilkins was reportedly instrumental in growing Runpath as managing director.

The ValPal Network has launched the tool to encourage prospective sellers and landlords to hand out their contact details.

Joe Noon joins from Metro Bank.

Landbay partners with FIBA

FIBA’s brokers will now have access to Landbay’s buy-to-let products.

Maria Harris, director of Digital Cat Consultancy, will become Brightstar’s technology consultant.