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The rental protection plan is live through MAB only but later this year there will be a full market launch via Legal & General’s intermediary partners.

At 50% loan-to-value the product with a £999 product fee was cut from 1.55% to 1.35% while the other product without a product fee was reduced from 1.89% to 1.69%.

Clayton Shipton (pictured), CLS Money’s managing director, said lender turnaround times could be sped up, if there was more thought given to moving towards streamlining packaging requirements.

Bree (pictured) has experience working in the finance industry, including five years at Leek United working as a manager within the branch network and as a telephone BDM for over a year within the intermediary team.

Renting is £172,513 cheaper than owning a home over a 10-year period when it comes to the upfront and monthly costs, with the one big difference being the bricks and mortar investment secured at the end.

The summer special means that rates on Pepper 18, for clients who have adverse credit in the last two years but no defaults, CCJs, mortgage or secured loan missed payments and arrears in the last 18 months, are available from 3.56%.

Dean McCormack, a mortgage broker at AK Partnership, said, as a broker based in Devon, he has fallen into this holiday let market and sees it as a huge growth area, partly because of the tax purposes of being outside of George Osborne’s mortgage tax relief changes.

Turner (pictured) said that this is with house prices having stalled in many areas, the plethora of competitive buy-to-let mortgage deals and the possibility of interest rates rising.

LendInvest said this is to continue to drive down its cost of capital and its move towards the mainstream mortgage market.

TMW is now offering a 2-year fixed limited company mortgage at 75% loan-to-value at 2.84% with a £1,995 fee, or 3.29% with no fee.