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The move has been welcomed as there have been claims that renters were being missed out by the government.

Despite plans being announced to help mortgage borrowers nothing has been confirmed for renters as of yet.

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) is calling for a package of measures from the government and mortgage lenders to support tenants and landlords affected by Coronavirus.

Additions to the portal’s functionality include the introduction of an alerts service.

The changes come into effect on Wednesday 11 March at 6pm.

Changes include an increase to the maximum age at the end of the term, from 85 to 99 years for UK residents.

New mortgage commitments also saw a yearly rise, reaching £70.6bn.

The Hope FleXi is that it allows any combination of the number of months that can be serviced or retained.

In 2019, London Property Licensing found 130,000 unlicensed properties in London, out of 310,000 properties that require a licence.

The move follows the merger of Precise Mortgages and OneSavings Bank.