Category: Buy-to-let

Newcastle has reduced their rates on its fee assisted buy-to-let mortgages by 0.20%.

The new products are all at 75% LTV.

A total of 24% of landlords rated prospects as good or very good in Q4 2019 compared to just 9% in Q3.

Agents witnessed a 57% increase in the number of prospective tenants registered since December.

The changes are due to come into force from June 2020.

Barclays has reduced its product rates on offerings across its residential, buy-to-let and reward ranges.

Over the past year, total business investment in the UK reached £198bn.

The cost of renting has increased by 33% over the past 10 years to £747.

Looking to areas of improvement, Tan believes that lenders should embrace technology to increase speed, efficiency and automation within the private rented sector.

Rental properties across the capital are empty for an average of 24 days.