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Per working day, the ESIS numbers for July were slightly below the peak seen in February, but taken as a whole July has been the most productive month of the year to date.

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Rental growth in the UK excluding London is up +2.2%, as demand continues to outstrip supply in many markets, whereas London has seen rising supply and weaker demand.

Data from the SmartrCriteria tool shows that criteria searches related to ‘visas’ were the fourth most searched term by advisers during the first week of June and by 27 July.

Members will be able to pay a top-up fee to be members of both organisations.

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The UK rental market’s ‘summer boom’ continued throughout July, with rents up and voids down, according to the latest Rental Index from Goodlord.

Neale, who begins the role in October, is currently head of buy-to-let lending at Axis Bank UK, and was previously sales director at Magellan Homeloans.

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Lendlord will add the facility for automated tax insights to its portfolio management product for landlords.

The data also revealed a lift in search levels at all price points, with the largest rise occurring in the £500,000 to £1m region.

Having excellent transport links, which was previously the top priority for tenants, slipped to fifth place.

The network’s ARs have reported increasing interest in Home Purchase Plans over the past 12 months.