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Martin Swann, managing director of Try Financial Limited, said: “Packaging and specialist product distribution has continued to grow successfully for us over the last two years, and it is now time to take the message of Try and it’s capabilities much further afield.”

new hire

The SFC Solo brand allows advisers to trade independently but with the credibility and protective infrastructure provided by a directly authorised firm.

Accord: Lenders must take common sense approach as pandemic reduces flexibility

MBE 2021: Round-up

A run down of the panels today at the MBE included the specialist finance qualification, regulation for commercial products, EPC ratings and green mortgages.

alastair hoyne finanze

The bespoke private brokerage is founded and run by broker Alastair Hoyne.

YBS Commercial Mortgages has added to its team in the Midlands with the appointment of Kirren Sira as a relationship manager.

changing property needs

The bank’s commercial investment offering is now split into three product bandings based on mortgage size, over £1m, between £150,001 and £1m and up to £150,000.

Sesame Bankhall Group said the move recognises the increased need for specialist lending post-pandemic.

mortgage size

Saffron Building Society saw an 89% increase, £118.9m, in lending over 2020 when compared to 2019.

Leeds Canal

The society is moving to a new riverside headquarters alongside the stretch of waterway that will benefit from the project.

As the country gets back on the road to recovery, the lender is keen to support sectors that will help drive the UK economy forward.