Category: Commercial

The strapline is ‘The trusted partner, dedicated to you’, aiming to symbolise its commitment to clients, lenders and staff members.

The criteria-based sourcing system’s criteria index has found both categories feature in almost every monthly list and the search for loans for self-employed borrowers has been in the top two for 10 out of the past 12 months.

FIBA executive chairman, Adam Tyler (pictured) will moderate the lenders’ spotlight session, where senior figures in the lending sector will take part in discussions.

He will remain in the role until at least September in order to help the association identify and appoint a successor.

The CMA has set a deadline of 19 June for those interested to submit comments and then will assess everything before coming to a decision.

Bennett, Johnson and Ellis-Calcott are all partners of the brokerage that aims to support property investors and developers.

Erna Group has appointed Stephen Hogg as chief operating officer while West One Loans has hired Phill Tyson as underwriting risk manager.

This means the lender has more than doubled the size of its corporate relationships team.

The offering is available to clients who want to borrow £3m, initially to buy houses in the UK, but in future to buy in nine other countries including France, Italy and Spain.

Around this time last year Chris Borwick and Andre Bartlett left SPF Private Clients to launch Capital B and in the first year completed £50m from a standing start.