Category: Equity release

Russell Warwick has been promoted from strategy director.

This comes as ONS data shows in Great Britain the total net worth of private households is £14.6 trillion.

Structured CPD will be available to everyone who attends the conference.

In their manifestos, no major political party has looked at how equity release could be used to help the over 55s.

The criteria sourcing system recorded a lot of changes in what brokers were searching for, especially within the equity release category.

The videos explain gilt rates and how to spot vulnerable customers.

Over the past three years there has been a three-fold rise in the number of people who said they wouldn’t use equity release because they don’t understand it.

The business currently holds 28% market share and is the largest equity release broker in the UK.

The campaign will start on Monday 2 December.

Key has said that equity release can help the 55% of older homeowners with leasehold properties who are looking to buy the freehold or extend the lease.