Category: Equity release

June search volumes

Mortgage searches hit 1.2 million in June, compared to 683,078 in May.

digital trust process e-mentoring

The integration is part of an ongoing project that will help streamline the product application process.

erc guidance

The updated checklist was issued to adviser members following a review by the council’s standards board, informed by conversations with major stakeholders over several months.

pre-lockdown physical valuations

This follows the easing of some lockdown restrictions in Scotland and Wales.

Mark Gregory ERS

ERS data reveals changes to the methods of accessing advice, the demographics of customers, and the usage of funds.

Simon Stanney sunlife

When asked key questions about equity release, 89% of over-55s got at least one question wrong.

South (pictured) is well-known in the equity release space having served clients in the area for the past 15 years.

Customers will now be able to choose their solicitor from a much wider panel, with the initial 91 law firms providing access to 243 offices across England, Wales and Scotland.

David Burrowes ERC

The correct advice will take into account the long-term commitment being made, and the fact that each customer’s circumstances differ.

The FCA has voiced concerns that advice given to take out equity release products could not always be shown to be in the best interests of all consumers given their personal circumstances.