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Overall, £42bn has skipped a generation over the last five years with £19bn being left directly to younger generations.

Philip Calvert will star as a guest speaker from the Equity Release Council, and will be running a marketing masterclass workshop.

This includes interest rates from 4.72% MER for a one-off lump sum payment and 4.88% MER for flexible drawdown.

The advisory service also grew its customer count by 28% over that period.

Interest select gold’s rate has been cut to 5.24%, interest select platinum’s has been cut to 5.74%, voluntary select gold to 5.44% and voluntary select platinum to 6.04%.

Some 7,227 new drawdown lifetime mortgages were taken out in the second quarter. This total was up 5% from Q1 2019 and 2% from Q2 2018.

In a list from UK Finance of the value of gross lending of its members, Clydesdale’s lending dropped from £5.9bn in 2017 to £5bn in 2018.

Moran joins from Sainsbury’s Bank where he was head of database and analytics.

The Equity Release Council has signed up its first major property firm after Knight Frank Finance launched a UK later life finance team. The new…

This comes as equity release referrals have risen 285% in the past two years.