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People believe they will be physically fit to work on average until 68, beyond the rising State Pension age.

Heritage offers ERC-free partial repayments across all of its products.

The Which? Financial Services operation sent out a note to its key partners today, which has been seen by Mortgage Introducer.

The council also hired Olivia Underwood as administration and support assistant.

This partnership will involve Just Mortgages referring any clients that may be interested in looking at equity release as part of a drive to ensure that its brokers can cater to the increasing number of clients who need access to the later life lending market.

Within the rental sector, the data reveals that those renting in social housing rate life satisfaction lower than those who rent privately.

This amounts to £227.50 a week on basics such as food, clothes and utility bills, while leaving some spare cash for eating out and entertainment.

Men over 55 are more likely to be supporting family financially than women, with 57% saying they help either their children, grandchildren or parents or a combination of the three, compared to 47% of women.

Secondly the FCA wants to change its rules to make it clear that tools which allow customers to search and filter available mortgages may not be giving advice.

This is the latest in Canada Life’s capital select options range. Platinum plus offers a 6% higher loan-to-value (LTV) rate than the existing platinum product, starting at 34% for those aged 60.