Category: Equity release

Key has said that equity release can help the 55% of older homeowners with leasehold properties who are looking to buy the freehold or extend the lease.

Some 67% of advisers think better education for customers about equity release is needed.

This year, the number of options has risen from 161 to 314.

Air Group said the partnership will also make it easier for advisers to refer cases to specialists.

Around four in 10 people living in the capital have used their property to generate income.

The new equity release qualifications will take effect in January.

In 2050 there will be an estimated 17.7 million people aged 65 and over.

A quarter of over-55s surveyed claimed that the increasing cost of living means it is likely that their households will be living beyond their means this year.

StepChange Financial Solutions advises on equity release, retirement and residential mortgages.

As of 1 July only 548 RIOs had been sold in 2019.