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more2life will be co-hosting the Later Life Lending Symposium with Key Partnerships and Air Group on 21 April 2021. The online event will provide valuable…

LiveMore’s products are available to borrowers aged over 55 and has no maximum age limit.

The council said that the endorsement will act as a recognisable statement of quality.

The advert implied that Martin Lewis, of Money Saving Expert fame, was involved with their product. 

Glover has had a long history of working in the financial services, having worked for 32 years at Swinton Insurance, before joining Age Partnership in 2017.

The firm is also anticipating a further expansion of the team in the near future.

mortgage size

This marks a 5% rise in the maximum LTVs.


Based on Canada Life’s 2020 customer data, there has been a move away from using equity release to fund new cars or holidays and a move towards buying a new home or making home improvements.

An estimated 6,500 have registered for the training module ‘Consumer Vulnerability in Later Life’, developed by Just Group and SOLLA.

Equity Release Associates has been granted approval by the FCA to expand its services as a directly authorised network.