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Consumers also want insurers to reward customer loyalty more.

CII partners with Scope 

This is to develop guidance on working and developing an inclusive working environment disabled people.

Mortgage Advice Bureau has launched the technology called B&C InstantQuote in collaboration with Uinsure and Legal & General.

Arc Legal Assistance will become the new provider of Paymentshield’s Rent Protection product.

The Office for National Statistics revealed that the number of self-employed workers in the UK has increased to nearly five million in 2019. 

GoCompare will be able to check suspicious activity against data at point of quote.

Paymentshield was ranked in the list of the best tech and ecommerce businesses in the North of England.

David Smith said that Uinsure is one of the firms that has invested in this area.

The changes will take effect on Saturday 23 November.

Angela Seymour-Jackson has become deputy chair to the board.