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They will join existing member Freedom for Intermediaries on the panel, as the trio will now help brokers needing advance on second charge.

AOBP appoints lender committee

They include Alex Upton from Castle Trust, Mike Strange from Funding 365, Matthew Tooth from LendInvest and Richard Deacon from Masthaven Bank.

The course will outline what it takes to make small-scale developments run smoothly, as it aims to help brokers add more value to clients requiring development finance.

steve walker promise money

Promise’s brokers now have access to West One’s products.

Y3S opens in London

The broker, which is primarily based in Cardiff, has put Daniel Glicksman and Allan Phillips in charge of the London office.

It has been a relatively slow start to fully integrating second mortgages into the solutions being provided by mortgage advisers around the UK, but like all significant change it will take time. Collaboration between specialist packagers and mortgage advisers is a fundamental requirement to make this happen.

From May to July 2017 there were 2,798 mortgages written worth £270m, an increase of 24% and 27% compared to the same three months last year.

household finances during pandemic

The deal was arranged by packager Intelligent Loans.

Figures released yesterday revealed the seconds market had grown for a fourth consecutive month but Fluent’s Tim Wheeldon has warned there is still resistance to the concept that remortgaging might be the wrong advice.

The half day events, which take place across the UK, will provide intermediaries with insight into the different niches of the specialist lending market, including buy-to-let, second charge loans and the later life lending space.