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Patrick Ghilani MRI Software

Housing Partners’ solutions are used by social housing providers, local authorities and directly by tenants, with emphasis on issues such as homelessness and tenant safety.

rental unaffordability

Rental growth in the UK excluding London is up +2.2%, as demand continues to outstrip supply in many markets, whereas London has seen rising supply and weaker demand.

financial gifting

Before the impact of COVID-19, 23% of people prioritised helping children or grandchildren via financial gifting.

Data from the SmartrCriteria tool shows that criteria searches related to ‘visas’ were the fourth most searched term by advisers during the first week of June and by 27 July.

Mary O'Donnell Westcor

From Monday 27 July, Titlesolv relinquished its trading name; it will now operate under the Westcor International brand.

alice watson canada life

There was a 5% drop in requests for lifetime mortgages to pay for a holiday when compared to the first three months of the year, while requests for loans to support day-to-day living grew by 5%.

Lifetime Mortgage Drawdown + allows customers to take out a minimum initial loan of £10,000 with further ad-hoc drawdown payments available from £1,500 – £70,000.

Members will be able to pay a top-up fee to be members of both organisations.

Preliminary data from the ONS suggests that 25% of Brits would provide for retirment via property investment, rising to 38% among the self-employed.

private rental prices

The UK rental market’s ‘summer boom’ continued throughout July, with rents up and voids down, according to the latest Rental Index from Goodlord.