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It has become more affordable to buy a home in two-thirds of local authority areas this year.

These mortgages are at 75% LTV.

Insurance agents and homeowners can now receive home insurance quotes through the product.

BFS on track for 25% growth

2019 is set to the fifth year in a row the lender has achieved 25% year-on-year growth.

Greenfield Mortgages lends bridging loans throughout England and Wales.

On average, men also only need to save less for rental deposits.

This follows news of the commission announcing it will only consider money laundering reforms after a thorough assessment.

As part of the initiative 25 people will be weighed, monitored and undergo workout sessions with Olympian Ashley McKenzie.

The most likely age of death for men is 86.6 and for women is 89.1.

The Energy Efficiency of Buildings brings together an array of organisations.