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Nearly a third of this group are pensioners.

The council has called for cross-party later-life commission to be set up to help meet the long-term needs of people in later life.

Ben Lloyd from Pure completed the deal within three working days with Bushell Investment Group, compared to an average industry turnaround time of three weeks for second charge loans.

The cost of high LTV mortgage lending has fallen relative to low LTV.

This product was launched on Friday 31 May.

This include the requirement to show evidence of a minimum of 12 months’ experience in the same line of work, reduced from 24 months from the main self-employed policy.

Esbs first won the Fair Tax Mark in 2018.

On the second anniversary of the Grenfell tower fire that left 72 people dead, it’s been revealed that 328 buildings still have the ACM cladding and 221 of these haven’t yet seen removal works start.

This increases to 54% for the younger Generation Z, 16 to 22-year-olds also known as Gen Z, who have supported their parents more than any other age group.

Nearly two out of five (39%) adults do not believe individual protection policies will pay out for everyday risks such as broken bones.