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The platform allows intermediaries to submit applications, upload supporting documents as well as manage cases, communicate with the Marsden intermediarysupport team and track the progress of the application once submitted.

The tax will apply in England and Northern Ireland for non-UK residents, who are defined as people who have spent fewer than 183 days in any part of the UK, including Scotland and Wales, in the 12 months before the transaction completed.

There’s two 2-year fixed rates, one available up to 90% LTV at 4.58% and the other is up to 95% LTV at 5.08%. And there’s two 5-year fixed rates, one up to 90% LTV at 4.68% and the other at 5.18% to 95% LTV.

It will take place at The International Convention Centre (ICC) in Birmingham on Wednesday 12 June 2019.

The 2-year discounted rate product is offered to 70% LTV at a current rate of 3.69% (2.06% below SVR).

The newly launched has been targeting the development finance market below £1m. Its pipeline has seen a steady growth, despite the continued uncertainty in the market.

The partnership will see Twenty7Tec’s MortgageSource and MortgageApply systems being made available to all Sesame appointed representatives (ARs).

When asked how they thought the demographics of equity release customers will change from 2018 to 2019, 42% of advisers said they expect an increase in the average age of people who take out equity release, which was 71 in 2018. In contrast, less than a third (30%) thought that the average age will fall.

IMLA estimated that nearly five million borrowers would have been expected to buy their first homes since the financial crisis, but only 2.5 million people became first-time buyers since 2008. This means more than 2.4 million Britons have yet to make their first step onto the housing market.

E-Tribus’s sustainable and eco-friendly self-built homes can be fitted with Project Etopia’s E-‘smart home technology’, giving owners the power to control the lighting, blinds and more, and Etopia’s Energy+ system, which provides the ability to generate and store electricity.