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Reality Checker quickly calculates how long a person’s savings would last if they stopped working and includes stats on the likelihood of being off work for a length of time.

During the trial period the time it took claimants to receive a decision was shortened to four and a half hours on average.

At first customers will be able to purchase homebuyer’s Insurance for £35 but Homelyfe will widen its selection of products in the coming months.

The survey found that in general more customers regularly go into a branch rather than surfing a building society’s website.

The number of unique clients receiving quotes increased by 23%, with comparison requests increasing by 34%.

Two in five (41%) can’t afford to save any money a month and a similar proportion (42%) wrongly think they aren’t eligible for income protection policies.

An animatronic model of Arnie’s head urges people to “come on” and “make a decision” about PPI before the deadline on 29 August 2019.

Gemma will report to Intrinsic group managing director, Stephen Gazard.

Existing customers will be invited to register to go paperless when their insurance comes up for renewal.

Nine in 10 (90%) advisers want to see products for conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure, while two thirds (67%) want products for groups like the self-employed, renters or new parents.