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Men made up 71% of claims and the average climant age was 68 years old.

The network has held a total of 265 workshops between March and December, covering a variety of areas.

The service will link to a provider’s latest underwriting philosophy and deliver exactly the same underwriting outcome as if the disclosure was part of a traditional application.

As such distributors that use the protection platform now have five income protection providers to choose from.

Owl is focussed on helping its advisers to be among the first to complete the new professional qualification for the industry with the LIBF.

Aviva launches DigiCare+

Aviva has launched DigiCare+ for individual protection plans through a partnership with Square Health.

As part of the agreement, Tenet Group’s advisers will have access to UnderwriteMe’s protection platform.

Accord: Lenders must take common sense approach as pandemic reduces flexibility

The event is set to take place on 11 December.

Each ‘Focus’ guide can be downloaded from the Paradigm Protect website.

annual house price growth

Life and critical illness cover accounted for nearly half of sales at Owl Financial this year and has been most in demand.