Category: Remortgaging

AMI has said it will pose a greater threat than a drop in remortgages.

Mike Harris joins Dashly

The founder of First Direct, Mike Harris has joined Dashly as chairman.

TSB revamps resi range

TBS has cut rates by up to 0.20%.

Nick Chadbourne LMS remortgage completions

Over half of borrowers have predicted interest rates to rise within the next 12 months.

At 75% LTV, first direct cut the rate on a 5-year fix while Leek United Building Society decreased the rate on its 2-year discounted mortgage.

The criteria sourcing system recorded a lot of changes in what brokers were searching for, especially within the equity release category.

stephen jones uk finance

The chief executive of UK Finance, Stephen Jones, was speaking at the regulator’s annual mortgage dinner.

Barclays set to cut rates

The lender will cut rates across its residential range.

More lenders are offering free valuations and free legal incentives to borrowers.

Over the past five years in Copeland, Cumbria, house prices of entry level homes have risen 3.5 times quicker than the overall market.