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ASA rules on Habito ad

The Habito advert featured in Grazia magazine in November 2019.

Mike Hudson will be responsible for the management and oversight of the bank’s risk and control framework, which includes helping the bank meet its regulatory obligations.

On a monthly basis house prices increased by 0.5% in January alone with the average home now valued at £215,897.

HMRC data showed sales transactions in December 2019 saw a year-on-year increase of 11%.

Glen details recent research by the FCA which showed around 170,000 of these borrowers are eligible to switch under new FCA rules.

Panel members will have direct access to Gatehouse Bank’s specialist rates of buy-to-let and home finance products.

Club members can now access Ipswich Building Society’s range of mortgage products.

The product is available to Norton’s intermediaries with immediate effect.

The average property price in 2019 was £330,984 compared to an average of £196,386 in 2009.

Hinckley & Rugby cut rates

The mortgages are available with lending at up to 95% LTV and are all fee-free.