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Neil Cobbold PayProp

PayProp has said that RoPA is likely to drop down the agenda, but that estate agencies should not slip into a false sense of security.

The society was able to progress valuations in almost three-quarters of mortgage applications, despite the pandemic lockdown’s impact on the property market.

online estate agents mortgage remortgage search

Although the total volume of enquiries reduced by 22% during April, the lead generation firm found that remortgage enquiries rose by 47%. 

Nicola Firth knowledge bank

Knowledge Bank holds more than 100,000 criteria from over 200 lenders.

Mark Lofthouse, CEO Mortgage Brain - affordability hub

Lendex is currently being piloted. Current lenders represent 32% of the market, with a further two expected to be live in the near future.

The service offered by Mitigo covers risk assessments, technology testing, training and governance.

Those in Warrington, Cheshire can expect to pay the biggest premium to live near top-rated schools, with house prices rising by a third (33%) compared to the average house price

platform physical valuations

valuation partners of Platform, the intermediary brand of The Co-operative Bank, are now able to carry out physical inspections of properties in England.

Babek Ismayil - OneDome Founder

OneDome Group has estimated that it will generate 170,000 to 180,000 leads in the next 30 days, if similar consumer activity continues. 

Twenty7Tec mortgage search

In the week ending 17 May, the volume of mortgage searches rose 42.76% compared with four weeks previous, and 18.39% compared with two weeks ago,…