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Nigel Purves, chief executive of Wayhome revealed that house prices continue to cause affordability headaches for the majority of hopeful first-time buyers.

cut rates

The cuts are across both fixed and variable options and the increase in LTV for JBSP products is from 80% to 90%.

hometrack climate change risk

Emma Harvey, programme director at the Green Finance Institute, said: “The handbook informs and empowers the finance sector to fund retrofit projects and develop new financial solutions to support their customers’ net-zero ambitions.”

Yorkshire Building Society YBS

Ben Merritt said: “In a really competitive mortgage market, we’re pleased to be able to offer our lowest ever mortgage rate to give borrowers more choice.”

laptop mortgage searches

However, September was the lowest ranking month for first-time buyers as a percentage of all mortgage searches in 2021.

credit score rent recognition

The products use a credit matrix structure which allows the lender to offer a range of rates and LTVs, based on individual circumstances.

launch products

The proposition defines four new product suites, and launches four new products, building upon Hometrack’s Automated Valuation Model (AVM).


The research found that owning a home was a key aspiration 73% of renters surveyed, yet property prices remained the biggest obstacle for 51%.

loan boom prices new business volumes

Charlotte Harrison said: “We’ve seen unprecedented levels of change within the mortgage industry over the past 18 months, and as a lender I’m pleased we’ve been quick to react and evolve with those market conditions.”

nationwide remortgage

The Deposit Unlock scheme supports 95% LTV lending on newbuild properties for both first-time buyers and second steppers up to the value of £750,000.