CCJs increased in 2015

Ryan Bembridge

April 21, 2016

County Court Judgements increased by 4% in 2015 to reach the highest level in seven years, public data from courthouse Registry Trust shows.

There were 734,205 CCJs against consumers in England and Wales in 2015, the highest since there were 830,675 in 2008.

Having CCJ’s can affect people’s credit ratings and therefore impact their ability to take out mainstream mortgage products.

Tony Marshall, managing director of Equifinance, said: “The upward trend in CCJs comes as a bit of a surprise when we hear so much news about the general economy performing well.

“It’s clear from the Registry Trust figures that consumers are still battling to manage their finances with increasing pressures on household budgets.

“The last few years have seen increases in rent and energy bills which could have put more stress on the cost of living, particularly as salary increases have almost stagnated.”

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