CDS and Time4Advice launch ClientCore

Robyn Hall

October 17, 2012

Outlook’s world class capabilities will be combined with TheCore, CDS’s mortgage sourcing engine.

Richard Hurst, marketing director at Client Data Systems, said: “We’re going to be able to deliver an unparalleled level of speed, accuracy and functionality and putting in place a compliant end-to-end solution to meet both mortgage intermediaries and traditional financial advisers’ business needs.”

And Hurst added: “It was obvious from our initial discussions with Time4Advice that there was tremendous symmetry between the two firms.

“We recognised that the systems being developed by Time4Advice in the traditional financial advice space were second to none and at the same time that the financial adviser market had not been really supported around the needs for mortgage sales.

“Our new CRM/Point of Sale system ClientCore will offer the same ground-breaking technology as our mortgage sourcing software, TheCore and, like the Time4Advice system shares the DNA of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”

Mitchell Philpott, IT Director at Time4Advice, said; “This is a hugely exciting phase for both firms as we work towards producing the first cross platform system that will serve the needs of a variety of intermediary groups.

“We will be collaborating but not competing with Client Data Systems as we are operating in very different markets and we will strive to ensure that both firms continue to offer technological excellence to the intermediaries in their sectors.”

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