Central Trust adopts L&E’s Complete solution

Amanda Jarvis

March 1, 2006

This is combined with its new all-inclusive title insurance for its mortgage lending subsidiary Central Loans.

Paul Fairweather at Central Loans commented: “We’ve developed a market leading proposition and speed and efficiency of process lies at the heart of what we do.  We plan to increase productivity by 50% in 2006, and the robust panel management solution from L&E is a key element of this drive and essential to support the high levels of service that we are committed to delivering. This deal will drastically reduce our offer to completion cycle; the real time reporting function will enable us to identify and rectify potential issues before they become a problem, leading to a significant decrease in abortive mortgage applications and delivering a simplified process for all concerned.”

“London & European was the obvious choice of partner as it is well positioned, through its Complete offering, to tailor the service to our needs.  I’ve no doubt that Complete will complement our on-site offers and completion service, already second to none.”

In adopting L&E’s Complete solution, Central Trust will assume the point of control of the time to completion – removing it from the hands of conveyancers and lenders – and dictate when a transaction will be concluded.  And as the driver of the transaction, Central Trust will be able to offer greater transparency of the process to all parties as well as control costs.

Christopher Taylor, ceo at London & European, commented: “Central Trust is one of the UK’s leading independent financial companies, and we look forward to supporting their future growth through our technology and service – helping them make their property transactions simple, fast and secure.”

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