CETA Insurance sets up referral service for brokers

Jake Carter

March 31, 2020

CETA Insurance has set up a home insurance referral service to support mortgage brokers affected by coronavirus.

The firm has tasked part of its call centre with offering a specialist home insurance referral service, placing quotes and referrals on mortgage brokers’ behalf.

It added that there will be no change to commission earnings for brokers using the service.

John Bibby, chief executive of CETA Insurance, said: “It’s great under such difficult circumstances to see how everyone’s pulling together across the industry, and we just wanted to do what we could to try and support smaller operations to protect their revenue where possible by providing an extra pair of hands.

“We’ve been able to ensure robust business continuity for CETA because of the strength and flexibility of our new Infinity platform, and we can now share the benefits that that brings.”

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