CETA wins E-broker prize

Sam Cordon

September 25, 2013

Adrian Waters, CTO at CETA, said: “This award vindicates our belief that our investment in technology delivers huge benefits to our networks and members.

“Applying for the award caused us to interrogate our return on technology investment even more scrupulously than usual. We were pleasantly surprised to see big increases in sales; 624% in one specific niche market where we’d applied the new system just over a year ago.”

The new system is CETA Creator which allows CETA to build a website and all the associated forms, rating engines and infrastructure for a niche market at once.

The benefit to members and networks is that the CETA live comparison model can now be rolled out to smaller niches and for smaller partners.

The system it is instantly mobile compatible and has the associated emails, newsletters, documentation, text messaging and dedicated phone lines that CETA needs to delivera broad range of products.

Waters added: “This used to be something we could only offer to our larger partners, The Telegraph, Pickfords, confused.com and the like but now we can offer the same bespoke service in a cost-effective way to members and smaller firms.”

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