Charlesworth to leave TMO

Amanda Jarvis

February 14, 2005

It is believed Charlesworth is currently in negotiations with TMO having been advised that TMO are to make him redundant.

Back in January TMO was forced to make redundancies in its packaging arm and reduce its external sales force from nine to seven as it attempted to re-focus on branded lending and secured loans.

Nine operations staff in the packaging divisions lost their jobs, while two vacancies in the external sales force will now not be filled.

Stuart Johnson, sales director at TMO, declined to comment but said the company will be making a statement later this week.

Vic Jannels, group managing director of packager AToM, said: “There is no real surprise that senior management changes at TMO will have taken place, particularly as it is funded through a venture capitalist arrangement. I have no doubt that Mark will reappear in another senior role within the mortgage market soon.”

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