Cheaper mortgages boost first time buyers

Nia Williams

December 2, 2009

First Time buyers made up 14% of Mortgageforce’s transactions in November compared to a typical 10%.

Katie Tucker, Technical Manager at Mortgageforce commented: “85% deals bounced back in November. Without them, half of the first time buyers we helped would have been facing the high monthly payments of the sparse 90% deals, or simply would not have been able to get on the ladder.

“Any lenders are increasingly able to take more risk now as their capital adequacy has improved. Also, their conservative attitudes thus far have resulted in their book of clients having very low average loan to value ratios.”

Mortgageforce’s figures also show that deposits demanded from first time buyers eased in the last 6 months, on average they contributed 28% of their own cash, but in November they were able to put in a much lower average 24%.

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