Chefs on ‘the sauce’ warned by insurer

Nia Williams

May 24, 2013

Inebriated professionals are one of the most at risk groups as they are most likely to cook at home after coming in from a night out rather than hitting the take-away on the way home.

It appears the antics of celebrity chefs, who are often featured glugging from a glass of wine as they cook, are encouraging these amateur chefs to hit ‘the sauce’.

It is not just cooks that are hitting the bottle; it seems the British gardener may be greener around the gills than green fingered.

Almost one in ten (9%) people admit to having been gardening in the last year after downing more than two alcoholic drinks.

Paul Braithwaite, home insurance claims manager at Direct Line, said: “While people may think they are fine to fire up the fryer or trim the hedge after a couple of beers, they need to remember their ability to operate this equipment will be impaired after just a couple of alcoholic drinks.

“People are putting themselves at increased risk of injury in the kitchen, or setting their home on fire if they fall asleep with the cooker on, after consuming alcohol.”

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