Chelsea launch TV ad campaign

Amanda Jarvis

October 26, 2004

With the proposition of “find out in five minutes, free, how much you could save by switching mortgage”, a 60 second execution airs at the beginning of November, with a 30 second execution appearing in the New Year.

Sean Scannell, Marketing Communications Controller said, “These ads are based around the consistent feedback that we get from our members who say that they like our no jargon approach to providing mortgages that save them money”.

In the first ad, the camera follows the progress of Tom, a man trying to find out more about his mortgage. We see him listening to confident gibberish from a taxi driver, bewildering jargon from a mortgage expert and unhelpful options from a computer telephone voice. Each time he engages the audience with a blankly bemused look to camera, before eventually phoning Chelsea and getting the straightforward good news he’s been searching for.

In the second ad, the opportunity to “find out how much you could save on your mortgage” is positioned as being so beneficial there’d have to be a very good reason why you wouldn’t call – before showing a series of scenes where people are unable to call: because their dog is burying the cordless phone; they can’t get a signal on their mobile no matter how hard they try; and a new carpet has been laid over the landline phone, leaving a telltale outline.

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