Cherry launches broker mental health forum

Jake Carter

February 11, 2021

Broker forum cherry has launched a dedicated forum where brokers can discuss mental health.

The Mental Health of Mortgage Brokers forum is designed to discuss ways to improve broker’s well-being during the pandemic.

According to cherry, many brokers have already begun sharing ways in which they are struggling and discussing advice on caring for their own mental health.

Donna Hopton, director at cherry, said: “Mental health is always an important consideration and maintaining good mental health can be a particular challenge for brokers at the moment.

“We are lucky that our industry has remained busy, but many brokers are working beyond their capacity and have the added pressure of clients who need to complete within the stamp duty holiday.

“At the same time, lockdown has brought extra pressures such as home schooling and, with many mortgage brokers working on their own, it can be particularly isolating.

“So, we wanted to provide somewhere where brokers could go to discuss their mental health and share ideas.

“Brokers can choose to post anonymously should they wish, and the forum provides a supportive environment to share struggles and frustrations.

“Often, simply finding out that other people are in the same situation as you is enough to make you feel better.

“But the forum offers much more and many of the participants have posted practical tips and strategies that they use to help manage their mental health throughout this difficult period.

“This forum has really taken off and I would encourage any broker who is struggling at the moment to login and get involved.

“Access to the cherry forum is free for all brokers and we hope that it will be able to help in some way.”

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