Children’s dream homes come alive in 3D models

Michael Lloyd

December 9, 2019

Children’s dream homes have come alive in 3D models, thanks to Bankrate UK.

The firm asked children aged four to 10 to draw their dream home and then turned them into 3D models and asked an estate agent to judge and value them.

Sarah Guershon, mortgage expert at Bankrate UK, said: “Though a unicorn mansion may be out of the question for some, we think there’s a lot to learn from these kids. They’ve stretched the realms of possibility and allowed themselves to think outside the box.

“It’s this type of thinking that can help first time buyers be innovative with how they save money or those wanting to renovate get the most out of their properties.”

Berren’s ‘Underwater Jellyfish Paradise’ (the model of the home is pictured) was valued at £35m, Bramwell’s ‘Tree Tower’ was given a price tag of £8m and Alya and Zack’s ‘Unicorn house’ would cost £5.5m.

Karl Turner, business manager of Andrew’s Cheltenham was the estate agent who judged the models.

When talking to Bankrate UK about Berren’s ‘Underwater Jellyfish Paradise’, he said: “This is a very interesting home indeed, which will attract both eccentric millionaires and maniacal bond villains alike!

“We would also suggest suitable mood music (something dramatic) be played as we approach on viewings.

“This is a house quite unlike anything we have seen before and with the amount of entertainment facilities, we do not see the fact there is only one bedroom as an issue.

“This is a fantastic playground house and one which we would advise would be worth in the region of £35m.

“It is worth noting that within our fee presentation, we will of course require the use of a yacht and perhaps submarine to show the house at its best.

“I will have to come back to you with our final fee proposal once I have spoken to her majesty’s government regarding the loan of a royal navy submarine.

“We would also have to include danger money, should a bond villain wish to engage us.

“They are notoriously difficult to negotiate with.”

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