CHL staff to attempt swingball world record

Nia Williams

August 25, 2011

The current record is 108 people held by a company in Australia called Gyrate Pty Ltd who set the world best mark in Sydney in December 2006.

CHL is hoping to bat and ball their way to a new world record when staff descend on the Fleet Cricket Club on the 2nd September.

All participants have to play a game of swingball for a duration of 10 minutes and CHL will have an independent adjudicator from Guinness World Records on site to determine if the record has been broken.

CHL has arranged with swingball company Mookie to provide the swingball sets and has received substantial support from a variety of business partners including Alder King, Touchstone, Rosling King and Goldsmith Williams.

Commenting, Bob Young, managing director at CHL Mortgages, said: “We believe we have an incredible winning team mentality amongst CHL staff, which has been proved over the years by the number of major awards we have won both in the mortgage, financial services and wider business world.

“For the last two years we have been the recipients of the top Three Star Status Award in the Best Companies Accreditation and this year we wanted to go global in the search for our next achievement. This is why we have targeted a Guinness World Record for what is unarguably the Blue Riband of all records, the ‘Most People Playing Swingball’.

“Preparations are well underway for our record attempt which will take place next month and once again all CHL employees are proving themselves up for the challenge with a large number of practice sessions taking place. We are all dedicated to the task in hand, and it promises to be a wonderful, if slightly surreal, afternoon on the 2nd September. We hope that all our efforts will be worthwhile and that the new Guinness World Record will be CHL’s by the end of the day.

“Following the World Record attempt, CHL staff will be battling it out against each other for the coveted title of ‘Swingball Champion’ – competition will no doubt be fierce and I look forward to some exhilarating Swingball action from all involved.”

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