CII expands learning offering

Ramesh Sharma

June 1, 2004

The new service provides advisers with eight factsheets detailing the importance and prominence of TCF and includes a TCF e-tutorial to provide an understanding of the area and a number of assessments and reviews to ensure the company is following the correct procedures. Tutorials and key principles are also included in the service.

In addition to the eight TCF factsheets, the CII has also published a Conflict of Interest guide, building on the previous code of ethics and conduct guidelines set up by the Institute. It focuses on how to avoid conflicts of interest and where they might arise. The improved guidelines also include how to manage these potential conflicts.

Announcing the improvements to the CII service director-general Dr Sandy Scott was certain the enhanced learning programmes would help members. He said: “Professionalism has never been so important in the insurance and financial services markets and CII-qualified members are in the vanguard of the push to secure the publics’ confidence in higher standards.”

“The CII is providing the tools, support and services to help members – and therefore the organisations that they work for – rise to

the challenge of delivering technical capability, fitness for purpose and unshakable integrity,” he added.

An online job role and competency framework for claims, broking and underwriting is also to be launched at the end of the month. This incorporates targeting core competencies and signpost tools to help brokers achieve the required levels.

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