CII take-up exceeds expectations

Amanda Jarvis

January 16, 2006

At the end of November the CII wrote to 880 members who met the qualification's criteria and invited them to apply for the new title. To date, over 61% have submitted an application, exceeding the CII’s initial take-up expectations.

CII president Peter Hales said, “This is fantastic news for the industry and demonstrates the value that its top professionals place on being able to call themselves Chartered. Applications are still being received and I am confident that we will have a full house for our initial graduation event in March.   

“The implications of this reach beyond those who achieve Chartered status to everyone who works in the industry, who will now benefit from being part of a Chartered profession. This is an essential element in the campaign  to raise levels of consumer confidence in the financial planning  industry.

“It is also a major advantage in the industry’s efforts to attract the brightest and the best new recruits.”  

To be awarded Chartered Financial Planner status, an individual will have to gain CII-approved financial qualifications, equivalent to first degree level, be able to demonstrate relevant experience, adherence to the CII’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and a commitment to continuing professional development.    

The main route to the Chartered title is via the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate (AFPC), and the Diploma in Financial Planning, which has created a qualifications framework that is modular in design so that financial planners will be able to select courses and examinations to test their knowledge and competence in specific areas.      

CII deputy director general Bob Bullivant commented, “A Chartered title represents the gold standard for professional qualifications and it can only be awarded by a Chartered professional body. The introduction of the Chartered Financial Planner title has put us on a par with other Chartered professions.”     

An inaugural graduation ceremony will be held on March 2nd to recognise those being awarded Chartered Financial Planner status on or before January 20th.

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