Citizens Advice calls for introduction of national housing body

Michael Lloyd

November 7, 2019


In its election manifesto, Citizens Advice has called for the next government to launch a national housing body responsible for setting consistent standards in the private rental sector.

This would include a mandatory requirement for all private landlords to be registered to a redress scheme.

Citizens Advice also wants the government to abolish Section 21 no-fault evictions and introduce indefinite tenancies and a national landlords register.

Gillian Guy, chief executive at Citizens Advice, said: “Tenants who have done nothing wrong shouldn’t have to worry about losing their homes.

“The current situation where landlords can exploit section 21 to evict tenants who have made reasonable requests for repairs and maintenance must end.

“But any replacement legislation needs to be watertight, and not allow these so-called revenge evictions to continue by the back door.

“We need a new deal for renting which establishes a fair balance between the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords.

“We think this can best be implemented by the establishment of a new housing body to work as a one-stop shop for the private rented sector, serving both landlords and tenants in setting and enforcing the rules.”

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