CLS Money: Brokers should review all customers haven’t taken up protection

Michael Lloyd

January 31, 2019

Essex based mortgage broker CLS Money is targeting protection advice as a vital part of its growth strategy in 2019 and is concentrating on reviewing every customer, who did not take up protection advice at the time of their mortgage.

The company has engaged specialist protection advisers, specifically to speak with existing customers and recommend suitable policies for both life and general insurance.

Clayton Shipton, managing director of CLS Money, said, “We believe that protection advice goes hand in hand with every mortgage transaction, but not everybody is ready to take on the extra cost of protection at a time when buying a property has, in many cases, stretched them financially. It is easy to forget to ensure a follow up is made to discuss and review the situation again.

“As advisers, it is up to us to check in regularly and ensure that customers are given the chance to act, which is why we believe in a ‘2nd time’ approach. Even if they are unable to take up the recommended levels of cover today, putting something in place and building to the right level is a good way to start.

“I would urge all adviser firms to become more proactive in the protection market. Not only is it an area which can yield significant earning opportunities as the property market cools, but also, more importantly, customers will be properly covered.

“In my experience, customers are aware of the need to safeguard their families but see their priority as being able to afford the mortgage and associated costs first. In an ideal world, everyone would have the insurance they need, rather than what they can afford.”

Recent research by the company demonstrated that customers are more likely to want to invest in protection when they have got used to making their mortgage payments.

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