Clydesdale sacks banker embroiled in love triangle

Ryan Bembridge

February 13, 2018

A Clydesdale banker was sacked for failing to sufficiently punish two colleagues accused of having sex in the toilet of a Covent Garden nightclub, a tribunal has heard.

The Telegraph reports that George Eleftheriou was fired without notice after also being accused of having an affair with the female colleague in question.

His colleagues are alleged to have had sex in the toilet of Dirty Martini at a work night out.

Eleftheriou was head of regional business and private banking for London and the South East but was struck off on October 2016 for gross misconduct.

Hi colleagues wrote to Clydesdale’s regional director complaining that nothing had been done, as well as accusing him of having sex with the woman.

In the letter the two colleagues were labelled as Z and N.

The letter said: “George Eleftheriou is aware that some time ago Z and N were engaged in sexual activity in open view of others in a public house on a team night out.

“At the time George told people that the matter was dealt with and would not happen again.

“It is also public knowledge within London that George was also sexually involved with N in the office and was caught in the act on CCTV. Did you know about this?”

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