CML Conference: Low inflation won’t boost mortgage demand

Robyn Hall

November 3, 2011

Earlier today at the CML annual conference Bean claimed that real household incomes will “be less squeezed” in 2012 as inflation falls back meaning people will be able to save for deposits.

But industry expert Phil Jenks said there is no evidence this will happen.

He said: “It is far from clear whether people will pay down their debt or save as their incomes rise.

“If you look at savings inflows into banks and building societies there is no evidence they are saving to date.”

Meanwhile David Finlay, intermediary channel director at Barclays, said even if people did start to save more it would still take first- time buyers years and years to save the deposit required by lenders.

He said: “I’m not sure a percentage point drop in inflation is going to make any difference to people getting mortgages. The size of deposit is the issue.”

In his speech Bean said: “As well as supporting consumer spending [lower inflation] should also help support mortgage demand and that would no doubt be a welcome development to you as well as the households themselves.”

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